Friday, November 16, 2012

No time to Hunt

Well, I haven't been too on top of hunting lately. I got some fishing in this year, but with the drought and the heat, I didn't accomplish much. Good news is I managed to fix the ejector on my single shot .410 so I now have a viable squirrel/rabbit shotgun.Reliable, but expensive to shoot. Costs me $10 a box for basic game loads. I used to pay $7 for Winchester Hi Power Game loads, but now I get the Remington Game Loads. Way cheaper. Still in the process of getting a viable firearm for deer. I managed to sell an old milsurp rifle of mine and will be putting that money towards a decent shotgun. Probably a Maverick 88. Thinking about putting a Poly-Choke II on it. It's expensive( at $100) but i'd never have to buy another choke tube, not would I have to carry 6 or more into the woods with me.

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