Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bow Hunting and Ethics

I wish I could remember the forum I saw it on. A person had mentioned that the .410 shotgun is only good for punching paper and is unethical to use on game above the size of a ground squirrel. Now I've taken plenty of rabbits ( all several times larger than a chipmunk) with my .410. I also know several people who use this gauge for everything from mall game to pheasants and duck. If it works it works.

So this leads to my point. How can the .410 be called into question when I have seen hunting shows where a deer is hit with an arrow, runs off, and isn't found for hours or even not until the next day? How can that be considered ethical? I have no doubt that plenty of deer have dropped within 100 yds of where they were hit. Just food for thought I guess.

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