Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So we begin

I know there are a lot of blogs out there. Even many about food. This is another such blog, but I add a twist. Maybe even not a unique one, but here we are.

Not that long ago I watched a documentary called Food Inc. It completely changed my viewpoint on food. Both what I eat and where what I eat comes from.

I believe in whole foods with as little processing as possible, and the less ingredients that I can't pronounce, the better. But it gets better. I eat meat. I enjoy it. I know there are many out there who decry the conditions animals are subjected to in feed lots and cages. They want free range and grass fed animals. So do I. I even know where to get them. You see, plenty of animals spend their entire lives outside of fences, roaming as they please, dining on natures bounty as they were meant to. Then someone(hopefully me) ends that abruptly with a bullet or arrow. Cruel you say? Have you seen how they treat cattle in some of those meat plants? You see my point.

Allow me to make some more points. An important part of hunting, and a crucial skill for any hunter, is the ability to make a quick kill. No one wants an animal to suffer, even hunters. We don't hunt because we want to torture creatures. There are thousands of reasons to hunt from food to getting in touch with the ways of our ancestors.

It is my belief that wild animals, legally and ethically taken, are the ultimate organic meat, untainted by the chemicals and mishandling of the modern food machine. It worked for man for eons, and it works now.


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