Monday, February 28, 2011

The First Step

Well now I have completed my hunter's safety course. Here in Iowa, you can do the first half on line, for $25. Then attend an "Online Field Day" in which you listen to some conservation officers go over rules and regulations, as well as demonstrate firearm usage( no live fire though). I was somewhat disturbed by a conservation officer who advocated the half cock position on a traditional muzzleloader as a safety. Anyway, I have completed that requirement. Next month I will get my hunting license, followed by a Turkey Tag in April. There are supposed to be wild turkey's on my in-laws land. I've got to do some scouting next time we're home. I've got to get a hold of something to hunt deer with. I guess technically I could use my blackpowder pistol, but the odds of me actually hitting a deer with it are slim, much less killing it. Oh well, some day.

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